Danyell (nissameb) wrote in my_collection,

Some funny pics I found today...
And the one below...
Artist: Edward del Rosario, Title: Sixty Nine on a Dirty Mattress with Rat Hiding Under Bed, 2003 - click to close windowGuess the title of this one????? Made me laugh soooo hard! "Sixty Nine on a Dirty Mattress with Rat Hiding Under Bed" HAHAHA... I showed them to my mom... she laughed.

Talked to Speiden earlier. I guess he had hoped to see me tomrrow. Finally he understands that he can not just expect me to be here for him every time he wants me to and only when he wants me to. He asked if we can hang out this week. I said yeah, any day but tomrrow. He asked why. I said we're getting a new stove and fridge. I said what about thursday? He said he'd have to look into it. Why would he ask about this week when he was only free tomrrow? Why not just say what about tomrrow? rather then this weekn in general?
Anyways... Asked if he still loved me. I dunno... I guess I've just been feeling like... Like maybe he just dosent care as much as he used to. I dont even know.
And so... I dont like this one bit. Mom and dad say there needs to be someone 18 years old home tomrrow to let the guys bringing the fridge and stove into the house and watch them. But mike has to go to work for training and mom and dad have to work. I hate it. home alone with some guys I dont know. People stronger then me. Always freaks me out.
Gonna play sims... in a while

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